Sustainability at Six The Residence.

A sustainable brand, we are always acheiving and learning new ways to make our products and services as eco-friendly and sustainable as we can. 

What do we do?


65% of our product range is currently made by hand, either within the UK or in Indonesia. Our hand made products are more environmentally sustainable and these designs preserve craft traditions and provide employment to artisans in devolping communities.


Supporting local and UK businesses and manufactures is very close to our hearts at Six The Residence. Not just only aiding and contributing to the UK industry and economy, we are reducing our carbon footprint with significantally shorter journeys and providing high quality products and more concise lead times.


Our hand crafted furniture is produced from 100% solid wood to furnish your home with sustainable and durable products that will last a lifetime. Our wood is responsibily sourced and are replenished with a new growth.


All of our packaging materials are made from recyclable or sustainable materials that can then be recycled or re-used by you at home to continue the process. Our cardboard boxes are made from 80% recycled materials and 20% wood from sustainable sources. We try to be as paperfree as possible, so we have stopped including returns forms in our packaging and all order information can be found on our website.

Our Commitments

Cost won't impact you from buying eco-friendly & sustainable products

We are committed to providing products that are going to positively benefit the environment, without the costly pricetag. All of our furniture is incredibly well priced and the longevity of the pieces will be a staple in your home for generations to come.

Continuing to support local businesses

We are alway on the look out for new and exsisting UK businesses, small and large, to help support our growing economy and country. From packaging suppliers to fabric suppliers, we will continue to invest within the UK supply chain. 

Providing high quality products

Using sustinable and eco-friendly materials to produce our furniture is important to us as it improves the durability and endurance of our items to help give you piece of mind that the quality is the highest standard we can offer. 

Limiting our use of single use plastic

We currently don't use any single use plastic within our packaging, however we are working away hard in the background to limit the use behind the scenes. Our team is always looking for reusable materials or recycled materials instead of single use plastic within our business.

Re-using & reducing

A lot of the materials that we use are either recyclable or made from recycled materials, but we aim to reduce and reuse wherever possible. From reducing the amount of waste we produce as a business to reusing left over materials and supplies where we can.

Practice what we preach

As a business we are responsible not just for ensuring our products and service is sustainable and eco-friendly, but also that we apply the same passion in our everyday lives. Teaching our employees and ourselves the most conscious ways to support our environment and economy at the moment is not just important but essential.